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In today's world of internet connectivity, working from home is becoming more popular than ever before.   At Thiel Real Estate & Property Management, many of our clients who are searching for homes in Simi Valley and surrounding areas, oftentimes request a space for a home office.   If you are looking for a home in Ventura County or Thiel Real Estate has found you the home of your dreams, you may be ready for the next step which is to create a work space that is just for you! 

Whether you work from home or have carved out a space for something you love like crafting, reading, or writing, your home office is a place that should inspire the flow of creativity

Here are our ten top tips to help you create that space. 

1. Think Chic--One way to glam up a home office is by refreshing your lighting.  Adding a chic light fixture or lamp in your office for some added flare and drama. 

2. Add Green--If you have a green thumb, some real plants add life to any room.  For those of you who may not have a green thumb, there are many options out there for artificial plants that look great and will add pizzazz to your space.   

3. Get Artsy--Cover your walls with prints from your favorite artist or art from your kids or grand kids.  Adding a nice frame any piece of art adds character and can make a nice focal point for your office.  Put things up that make you happy so if your  mind is wandering during the day, you will remember why it is you work so hard! 

4. Find the Rug--Ground your space with a colorful area rug—for visual interest and soothing sound-absorption. 

5. Make it welcoming—but not too cozy that all you want to do is nap.

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6. Hang a Gallery Wall-Neutral colors on your walls and floor, paired with natural wood, plants and some kind of textile, like blankets, throw pillows, rugs or a yarn wall hanging, create a simple yet cozy working space.

7. Mix Old and New--Don't be afraid to steal decor from other rooms in the house. A mix of vintage and modern makes a home feel warm and lived in and personal, instead of feeling like a showroom.  Apply the same decorating styles that you use in the rest of your house into your home office.  

8. Let Light in--Natural light makes a space feel bigger—which is always a plus in a small space.   You can use a fogged window film on the windows so that you can have your blinds open while avoiding the glare of the sun onto your work space.   

9. Work in Color--Choose colors that speak to you—not what's trendy  Go with what you like.  Remember, your office is all about YOU and what YOU like.  This is your space to be productive. 

10. Optimize Your Space--Organization is key—use every trick in the bookNobody works well in a messy home office.  Don't forget to use all of your vertical space but building shelves to the ceiling, filling in corners, etc.   Use pin boards and other things to keep your items out and handy. 

For more information on finding the home of your dreams and space for your home office, call us at Thiel Real Estate & Property Management at (877) 805-7348 or visit our website at  We are here to help  you find your home in Simi Valley and the surrounding areas.

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